We are a group of 3 companies, Pro Numb, Ozone Academy Training & Giftalot.

Group Of Companies

At Ozone Wellness Products, we are more than just a brand; we are a commitment to enhancing the quality of life through our extensive range of wellness products. As the linchpin of an industrious conglomerate, we bring together a portfolio of synergistic ventures under the umbrella of Ozone Group. Our illustrious subsidiaries include Ozone Academy Training, Pro Numb, and Giftalot, each serving as a testament to our diversified expertise.

  1. Our Core Values:
    • Integrity: Upholding transparency and honesty in every transaction.
    • Innovation: Pioneering products that stand at the nexus of science and wellness.
    • Excellence: Striving relentlessly to surpass standards and exceed customer expectations.
  2. Our Subsidiaries:
    • Ozone Academy Training: A citadel of learning, dedicated to nurturing skilled professionals equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving wellness landscape.
    • Pro Numb: An emblem of our commitment to providing top-notch wellness solutions, offering a range of products engineered to alleviate discomfort and enhance well-being.
    • Giftalot: Infusing joy and wellness into every occasion with our curated selection of thoughtful gifts designed to evoke smiles and promote health.
  3. Our Journey: From the outset, our vision was to create a holistic wellness ecosystem capable of catering to the multifaceted demands of modern lifestyles. Over the years, we’ve meticulously honed our offerings, ensuring they embody the perfect blend of innovation, quality, and value. The journey has forged us into a trusted name synonymous with wellness and reliability.
  4. Our Commitment: Every product under the Ozone Wellness Products marque is a covenant of quality, engineered to promote holistic well-being. Our relentless pursuit of perfection mirrors in the burgeoning clientele and the growing footprint of Ozone Group across the wellness sector.
  5. Community and Environment: We recognize our responsibility towards the community and the environment. Our operations are geared towards sustainable practices, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint, and engendering a positive impact on society.
  6. Connect with Us: Explore our extensive range of products and discover how Ozone Wellness Products is nurturing a healthier, happier world. Reach out to us; let’s embark on a journey of wellness together.

Through synergy, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, we at Ozone Wellness Products, along with our distinguished subsidiaries, are redefining the wellness paradigm, creating a legacy of health, happiness, and hope. Join us in our quest to foster a world brimming with wellness.

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Ozone Academy Training

Choose from beauty courses to salon products and salon machines.


Pro Numb

The best numbing cream In South Africa, We are the sole distributors.



Choose your gift for your partner, Family member or small toddler.

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