Blacc - 100ml Cartridge Black Wax

Wax cartridges for salons and spas…less sticky and very
easy to apply. With our wax cartridge it clicks right into
an applicator that has been designed to be self-heating
and you apply a very thin layer on the area. The removal
is easy with a singular fluid and swift motion… you apply
it with the hair growth and remove against the hair growth.

- Skin numbing agent in product
- Eliminates the risk of cuts, razor burns, and nicks.
- Reduces the rate at which hair stubble grows.
- Diminishes hair growth – in length and texture – with
continued regular use.
- Safely removes unwanted hair from the body and face.
- Hygienic because there is no wax dipping or even
re-dipping done.
- The self-heating apparatus ensures that the temperature is
consistent during application.
- Because the temperature is regulated, there little or no risk of
post-waxing irritation of the skin’s hair follicles that can cause
tiny bumps and redness.
- Only the exact amount of wax is used because it comes
pre-measured, meaning there is no wastage and the supply can last for longer.
- Airborne dust, bacteria, hair, and other contaminants do not get into roll-ons.

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