HM100-Hydro Gel Mask

Ozone Facial-HM100 HydroGelDescription
Hydrating Mask
Natural extracts that
hydrates dry and thirsty skin

Directions for use
Apply mask in thin layer on face.
Do not wash it off, penetrates
naturally on skin.
Once per week or as needed to hydrate.
(Important a very thin layer)

- Hydrates skin
- Smooth texture
- Rejuvenation

Active Ingredients:
Glycerine: Humectant, hydrating
Cucumber extract: Anti-inflammatory and has an extremely soothing effect
Aloe Vera Extract: Healing abilities because it is a natural oxygenator
(drawing and holding oxygen to the skin) cellular renewal ingredients
(penetrates skin stimulating the immune system & increasing blood circulation),
natural astringent, potent moisturizer, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-aging effects
(increases collagen synthesis & skin elasticity) D-panthenol: Healing agent
Liquorice Extract: Soothing, anti-inflammatory Hyaluronic acid: Water binder, it is able
to bind 1000 times its weight in water.
Comfrey extract: Anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating
Vitamin E: A natural cellular renewal (healing) ingredient and antioxidant.


All our products are proudly South African and cosmeceutical.

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