Pedi Pro Gel

500ml Ozone Pedi Pro Gel

Pedi Pro Peel Description
The Pedi Peel is formulated to remove dead
skin as well as calluses without damaging
normal skin. No neutralizer is required and the
treatment only takes 12-15 min. This is a very
effective and safe product to use giving
remarkable results.

Removes dead skin and calluses
Works on cracked heels while the dead skin is
being removed, making the healing of cracked
heels faster.

Pregnant woman and diabetics can use this product.
(Product doesn’t absorbs through the blood stream).
It s an alkaline product (neutralise with water).

Contra indications:
Heals that bleeds can t use the product.
If there is blisters on the foot.
Product cant be applied to any soft and dry skin only to be applied to hard skin and calluses.

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